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Corporate & Clinic Treatments!

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Hayley has been a bodywork practitioner since 2002. Her profession has taken her all over Australia, Europe, America and the Caribbean. Her initial training was in Remedial Massage, which she developed professionally, before introducing a variety of additional styles over time including; Kinesiology, Hot Stone, Reiki, Lomi Lomi, Lymphatic Drainage and Pregnancy Massage.


Hayley’s massage career has brought her to work in diverse work environments, exposing her to all walks of life. She has worked alongside Osteopaths, in the corporate arena, as a therapist in 6 star day spas, as a private massage therapist in privately owned super yachts and estates, and in drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities. Hayley now works here in Sydney at a beautiful and successful multidisciplinary practice.


Hayley incorporates her love for energetic techniques in her bodywork. This has led her to develop her own style of practicing Kinesiology and massage over the years, creating a nurturing and enriching experience for each client.





Kinesiology promotes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, disease prevention, client education and responsibility. Muscle testing is the tool used to give bio feed back via the sub conscious level, pin pointing the stressors and underlying causes to determine how to release the blockage through gentle but powerful, non invasive techniques.


The clients innate intelligence reveals the correction technique necessary as a priority, balancing the triad of health. As result the clients nervous system is upgraded energetically. Through this upgrade and the clients awareness gained the client can make small changes and have profound shifts physically, mentally, emotionally and biochemically


How Kinesiology can help me?

Physical/ Structural
  • Pain or restricted movement, postural problems, headaches and migraines
  • Respiratory issues
  • Weight management
Biochemical/ Nutritional
  • Nutritional imbalances, food reactions, digestive issues and recurring infections
  • Hormonal imbalances and Women’s health and fertility
  • Addictive patterns
Emotional/ Mental
  • Emotional issues, self sabotage patterns, trauma release, unresolved grief
  • Anxiety, phobias, panic attacks
  • Physical or mental fatigue and sleeping patterns
  • Learning challenges, concentration and memory




Is a deep relaxing energy balancing technique. The practitioners body acts as a vessel to channel and transfer life force energy to the client, promoting healing and well being. Reiki is helpful to assist with stress, anxiety, sleeping disorders and promoting healing for physical pain. Reiki gives the client the opportunity to recharge and refresh, providing equilibrium to help over come the demands of daily life.


Hot Stones


is and exquisite technique using selected stones found in the volcanic regions of Australia. They are basalt rocks that have been pummelled in the ebbs by mother earth to a smooth shape. Their high mineral content add healing qualities when combined with heat. It promotes circulation to tired, overused muscles, melting away tension and stress. This method enhances a deep state of relaxation and is recommended to anyone with stiffness or chronic pain.


Lymphatic Drainage


Is a gentle massage technique using a pumping like stroking action to increase the activity of the Lymphatic system. This enables the fluid, proteins and fats and metabolic waste to be manually transported to the lymph ducts and lymph nodes in the body, assisting with fluid retention. It's an effective way to stimulate immune function, detoxification, general relaxation, stress reduction and recovery from colds and flues.


Remedial Massage


is an excellent technique to encourage the healing of injured soft tissue, improving the functioning of muscles tendons and ligaments. This gives the musculoskeletal system the support needed for chronic problems and tension by supplying circulation to the deficit areas, increasing mobility and enhancing the performance of overworked muscles.


Pregnancy Massage


Is the perfect way to support expecting mothers during a time of transition and growth. The body is supported with contouring body cushions, according to the stage of pregnancy, this supplies maximum comfort for both mother and child. Massage is a perfect treat to soothe a tired and aching body, assisting with aches, fluid retention, stress and sleepless nights. Pregnancy oils are also available for extra indulgence and pampering.


All of these treatments are available at the clinic or for functions. Please feel free to contact the clinic for bookings. However, if you are wishing to book for a function then contact Hayley directly via her e-mail to discuss packages.

Corporate Services


Research has shown corporate massage to be both beneficial and cost neutral to companies. Massage enables companies to reward their teams, promote health and wellbeing, encourage morale, and it enhances value and recognition in the workplace. Reputable health organisations such as Workcover and Medicare recognise the preventative measures and the positive outcomes of incorporating massage in the workplace.


Improve the productivity, performance and connection of your employees


A 2008 study by Medibank Private revealed that workplace stress is responsible for a loss of 2.14 working days per employee annually as a result of presenteeism, which equates to a cost of $533 per employee annually.


In Workcover’s 2011/12 annual report it is recorded that sprains and strains of joints and adjacent muscles remains the highest reported injury type with 16,772 recorded in 2010/11. A total of 6593 of these injuries were reported as back injuries.


A 2005 study by Medibank Private found that healthy employees are three times more productive than unhealthy employees. Unhealthy employees take nine times more sick leave than healthy employees.


A 2007 study by Medibank Private found that presenteesim costs 25.7 billion annually on average, six working days of productivity are lost per year per employee due to presenteeism. Stress related presenteeism and absenteeism are directly costing employers $10.11 billion a year.


Pamela Miles, author of Reiki: A Comprehensive Guide and leading US exponent on the integration of Reiki into mainstream healthcare facilities, writes "......studies that have been done so far have showed promising results for using Reiki to reduce stress, anxiety and pain. The data include objective measures (decreased stress hormones, improved immune indicators, decreased heart rate and improved blood pressure) as well as subjective improvements in anxiety and pain."


A 1996 study by Shulman and Jones estimates “that stress-related disorders cost Fortune 500 companies more than $25 billion per year in health care costs, absenteeism, and lowered productivity levels. Massage therapy is an innovative and effective stress reduction intervention alterative. Findings from this study have shown that one 15-minute application per week can have a positive impact on reducing employee anxiety levels."


The burden of workplace stress on employers is significant and represents an area in which preventive measures may produce strong economic and productivity gains for the employer and the broader economy. To minimise the detrimental effects of stress on both employees and organisations, employers should make a conscious effort to identify and address the causes of stress in the workplace.


Stress in the workplace is a growing concern for both employers and employees. Whilst a manageable level of stress is seen as a motivating force, further stress can cause performance to rapidly deteriorate.


All of these treatments are available at the clinic or for functions. Please feel free to contact the clinic for bookings. However, if you are wishing to book for a function then contact Hayley directly via her e-mail to discuss packages.


I came to see Hayley for Kinesiology due to acute pain in my left shoulder and neck. Before the session I was experiencing restriction in how I moved my head, neck and shoulders and found sleeping to be difficult. I work in an office environment and found spending time at my computer was becoming unbearable due to the continued discomfort. After the first session the pain, tightness and congestion had left my shoulder and I greater range of motion in my neck. I experienced a great nights sleep and awoke feeling refreshed. I was impressed with Hayley's knowledge, skills and professionalism. She immediately put me at ease regarding the protection I was holding around this area. Her testing was gentle and non-invasive, enabling my mind to relax and my body to release. I appreciated the active involvement I had in the session due to Hayley's approach to her clients healing. She continually explained what she was doing and the benefits for my body. I would definitely refer Hayley and Kinesiology to my friends and family.


Ambre Hudson - 31, Sydney


As I have Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia and take medication daily to fight this disease, I have side effects that I would like to minimise or better yet, eliminate. Hence I was exploring alternative therapies to complement the scientific treatment. My specialist was specific about not using any herbal therapies, which I discovered negatively. I had a few months where I was taking Chinese herbal medicine in addition to my treatment, however, I came out of remission, as the herbs were counter acting the treatment from my specialist. I also know that my dis-ease is related to emotions and the state of the mind and hence I met Hayley on my path. My experience of kinesiology has been such that I know the emotional link to my dis-ease was associated to patterns set in my behaviour and being earlier in life, which I was ready to release. I had only seen Hayley for a few sessions. The releasing was scary, but I knew with Hayley I was in safe hands. We set the tone for each session (a goal which helps to understand what we want out of the healing session) and then Hayley did her magic testing my body was in alignment with my mind and overall energy in relation to the goal. At times, this wasn't so and we needed to find a different goal. It all happened the way it was supposed to. Sometimes I had the release in the sessions, sometimes the release came days later. The releases I did have were only the beginning; there was more to explore. The sessions provided me with more awareness around the issues and I was able to access my emotions easier. During the time I was with Hayley I also noticed (following check up with my specialist) that my blood levels were improving. This confirmed (again) for me how powerful the mind-body connection is. Now, about a year later, my blood levels keep improving and I am in a better place in relation to my emotions and I remain aware of my connection to spirit-mind-body.


Hayley is a caring and loving person, who provides the right care and modality depending on your needs. She continuously educates herself about the modalities she uses so the right one is delivered to you. Hayley's spirit and love shines through during her treatment sessions.


How is that? I have used some of your words, as I truly couldn't remember all of what you said! Thank you for the enlightenment!!


Cheers - B.


I had three sessions of kinesiology with Hayley over two months. I enjoyed seeing her as she is warm, generous, curious and compassionate. She instantly put me at ease and patiently explained kinesiology’s healing process. I soon learnt to respect my body and that is has it’s own inherent wisdom, a wisdom that is accessed in the process. In the beginning we established my primary goal was to be emotionally honest. Hayley proceeded to work with me to clear my body of any resistance around my goal. I am happy to report that after three sessions I am now far more emotionally congruent which has improved my confidence and self- esteem and allowed a shift in my life as result. I couldn’t recommend Hayley more highly. I would like to keep working with her in the future.


Sophie 43, Sydney


I found Hayley to be very professional and knowledgeable about her craft. The experience of connecting the body’s innate intelligence and using what came up to move through emotional, physical and psychological barriers was both empowering and encouraging as I learnt to trust my body again. I would recommend Hayley highly to anyone.


Sarah, 31 Sydney


Prior to commencing the Kinesiology treatment with Hayley, I did not have the knowledge of how this process could assist me with my well- being. I experienced Hayley to be very warm, sincere and caring during our sessions. Hayley’s approach was very gentle, intuitive and insightful and this allowed me to trust her and the process very quickly. Hayley assisted me in developing insights about myself that I have not yet been able to access through other alternative therapies. Accordingly the self- awareness that I have developed with Hayley’s assistance has been invaluable. The sessions with Hayley were precious and I would be grateful to work with Hayley on my personal health goals in this capacity in the future.


Kristen, 34 Sydney


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